Bloom v. Barbie*

by Aaron Bloom

-------I knew almost everyone at the Political Science Department senior luncheon. During the reception, many of us reminisced and discussed future plans. After lunch came the awards. One student won many awards, but I found it rather strange that I had never seen her before. The most active people both on- and off-campus were at this luncheon and nobody else seemed to knew her either. In fact, I still cannot remember her name, so let’s just call her "Barbie." Jeff apparently knew her roommate. According to him, Barbie had a really high G.P.A., but only cared about her grades.

-------I am not like Barbie. I wrote a sixteen page constitutional amendment which completely restructured student government. Before then, few checks and balances existed and many student services suffered. I saved course notes with relevance and those with my most creative doodles. I understand computers. They understand me. I managed over forty successful political campaigns on campus. Only one of those campaigns was my own, the rest were for people or issues in which I believed. I play basketball with passion. I answer rhetorical questions. I do not like green eggs and ham. My major goals in life include a happy family and a hammock in the back yard. I am writing a science fiction novel. In my quest to enjoy life, I might dance as I walk. I can get over six thousand lines in Tetris. I am quick enough to catch flies. Then I let them go and wash my hands thoroughly. I believe in the healing powers of my grandma’s chicken noodle soup. I know how to defend myself; I stand up for others. While in college, I served as student body vice president, an associate justice on our student body Supreme Court, a resident advisor for student housing, and an active member of many organizations. I also built stages for our Drama Department in my spare time. I approach situations with a sense of purpose, a sense of adventure, and a sense of humor. I am confident that the choices I make will leave me with great stories for my grandchildren and without regrets.

-------Barbie had her banquet, but I believe that I got more out of my college career. We both graduated with honors, but I also contributed to my campus and community. I made a difference. I like to believe that people like me are needed in the legal profession. Barbie might make a lot of headway in a particular field of law. So might I. However, I am also the type of person who is likely to see interrelationships among different areas of law and map out solutions for larger problems. I am sure that there are many Barbies applying to your law school. There are probably few like me. My name is Aaron Bloom and I wish to be a part of your law school community.

Copyright 1997, Aaron Bloom. All rights reserved.

*This essay served as my "personal statement" for my law school applications. Believe it or not, I got into some of the best law schools in the country despite this essay.

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