Dog Hike - June 16, 2007

Every Tuesday evening, Irith and Franklin participate in the Sierra Club's San Pedro K9 Conditioning Hike. This hike is led by Irith's friend Liz, and many of Irith's running buddies participate with their canine companions.   Irith has been going on the hike on and off for several years, and used to borrow a dog from a fellow hiker (most often a little dog named Cinnamon). It has been very exciting for Irith to have her very own dog at the "dog hike."

  Diane with her dog Rocky and Franklin
  Laura with her dog Lucy
Franklin and Lucy greet one another   Franklin and Dunnit
Sam's dog Blitzen   Akiko's dog Mika
Franklin galloping along the trail   Wabbit Season!
Franklin looking up when he should be drinking water Franklin and Rocky exploring Sam's dog, Cinnamon, strutting her stuff
Taking a break on the bluffs   Franklin surveying the Port of Los Angeles

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