English Shepherd Gathering 2007
Northern California

Above is a flash video of Franklin herding sheep at the Gathering. A knowledgeable observer stated that Franklin was "a natural" and among the best first-time herders she had seen. (Mouse over image for flash player controls)  

Still shot of Franklin herding sheep

Franklin waiting to take the Canine Good Citizen Test

  Franklin waiting patiently for Irith to return during the Canine Good Citizen Test -- notice how he is also balancing a bicycle on his head! :-)
Franklin at the apex of the A-frame on the ranch agility course

  Franklin going across the suspension bridge on the ranch agility course
Franklin (left) posing with his brothers (littermates) Dylan (center) and Scout (right) toward the end of the Gathering

  Franklin (left), Dylan (center), and Scout (right). This time Franklin and Dylan are looking forward and Scout is looking to the side.

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