Aaron's Favorite U.S. Cities

What can I say? I am a city slicker! I love big cities. I was born in Chicago, grew up in Los Angeles, attend law school in Philadelphia, and worked one summer in New York City. I just named four of the five most populous cities in the United States. Can you name the one that I didn't mention and then put them all in order from most to least populous? me your guess or to ask.

Big cities demonstrate what mankind can accomplish when we work together. Big cities are where the best art and architecture in the country can be found. They are where the best literature is written or inspired and where the most inventions occur. In short, they are where the action is and they are fun. This page is a tribute to some of my favorite cities in the country. So far, I have only had time to feature New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Soon I will add Chicago and Philadelphia to the list.

New York City
New York is the city that never sleeps and the capital of everything. The city has Broadway, Wall Street, Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Central Park, and more subway stops than the rest of the country combined. I lived there one summer during law school and I think it is an amazing, alive city.
Trading post established by Henry Hudson in 1609; British took control from Dutch in 1664 and renamed the city "New York"; first U.S. capital (1789-90); Washington inaugurated there as first U.S. President in 1789; under new charter in 1898, city expanded to include 5 boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, as well as Manhattan.
Population: 7,420,166
Population rank in U.S.: 1
Population density: 24,021 per square mile
Los Angeles
I grew up in the suburbs on Los Angeles. Irith and I will be moving to West Los Angeles after I graduate from law school. L.A. has Hollywood, Venice Beach, the Lakers, Beverly Hills, and lots of great weather. It also has the best law firm in the country.
Founded by Spanish in 1781; captured by U.S. in 1846; incorporated as a city in 1850; Hollywood is a district within the city.
Population: 3,597,556
Population rank in U.S.: 2
Population density: 7,666 per square mile
San Francisco
San Francisco is another fun city that Irith and I like to visit.
City settled by 1776; claimed by U.S. in 1846; became a major city during California Gold Rush in 1849; incorporated as a city in 1850; earthquake and ensuing fires devastated city in 1906.
Population: 745,774
Population rank in U.S.: 12
Population density: 15,969 per square mile

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