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I currently use a Casio Cassiopeia e115 and Irith uses a slightly earlier model, the Cassiopeia e100. These devices are Windows CE machines, which, at their basic level, serve similar functions as the Palm Pilots (e.g. keeping lists of contacts, appointments, alarms, etc.). However, these devices have far superior displays, interfaces, computing power, and expansion capabilities.

When the e100 came out, the devices were called "Palmsized PCs" and they ran Windows CE 2.x. By the time the e115 was released, the devices were running Windows CE 3.x and were called "Pocket PCs."

I invested in the e110 (as opposed to other brands) because it was the first Palmsized PC that could display thousands of colors, and it was one of the first to have a type II CF card slot, which allows for all sorts of attachments, such as a modem, GPS, and the camera attachment. The e115 had the advantage of the newer operating system, greater memory capacity, and built in "Pocket Word" and "Pocket Excel."

When I first bought one of these units, it was quite a struggle for me to figure out how to get the Cassiopeia and my Macintosh communicating properly so that I could back-up my data and load programs. Click here if you own a Windows CE device and a Macintosh computer and you want to find out how to get the two to work together.

In terms of attachments, I have the JK-710DC Camera attachment, which records both still and video images. However, I am seriously considering getting a modem for the unit in the near future, and I am always looking out for developments with PocketPCs as I think they represent the future.

Below I have featured some hardware additions available for the Cassiopeia and some worthwhile games. While these units are used primarily for serious applications, it is also very much a toy.


 JK-710DC Camera by Casio ($199)

Pictured above are Winnie, one of my parent's dogs, and Ron, my brother-in-law. I took the picture with the Casio Camera.

This is one of the reasons why I bought a Cassiopeia (as opposed to other windows CE devices). This attachment only works on Casio devices.

Casio established itself early on as the multimedia king of the CE world with the fact that it was the first Palmsized PC to have a display capable of thousand of colors, and the fact that it is still the only palmsized PC to have a camera attachment.

Not only does it take pictures, but you can also record video files. Click here for more information or to purchase it.


 56k Modem by Casio , Pretec, others (prices vary)

(Pretec modem pictured above)

These 56k modems will allow you to check your e-mail or browse the web, so long as you have access to a phone line.

Right now wireless modems are limited to 9.6 kps, 14.4 kps, or 19.2kps, which is fine for e-mail (without attachments) but it won't allow for web browsing or other bandwidth-intensive internet applications. So, until wireless speeds come up dramastically, these modems are the way to go.

Click here for more information or to purchase the Casio 56k modem, and click here for more information or to purchase the Pretec 56k modem.


 Wireless Modem by Nextcell ($350)

The PocketSpider is a wireless 19.2 kps modem for Windows CE devises. It has its own rechargeable battery and communicates with CDPD services. Unlike other wireless options, it doesn't require a cell phone!

19.2 kps doesn't sound very fast, but this device represents the future. Next year Nextcell plans to release a version of the PocketSpider that will serve as both a wireless modem and a GPS system! It is only a matter of time before faster wireless services will become available and the modem will be useful for web browsing and voice data transfers. In other words, you won't need a separate cell phone.

Click here for more information or to purchase the Nextcell PocketSpider.


 CF Hard Drive by IBM (varies)

Ranging from 170 MB ($180) to 1 GB ($460), the IBM MicroDrives can store a couple of movies and tons of songs. However, they don't work on most Windows CE devices due to too much battery demand. However, they should be compatible with most future devices.

Click here for more information or to puchase a MicroDrive.


 Portable Keyboard by LandWare ($80)

While it is fine to use the stylus for entering an apointment or a phone number, a portable keyboard is really necessary for typing-intensive uses.

The GoType Pro for Casio by LandWare is a portable, cable-free alternative to the stylus and it has received great reviews. The only missing feature is that it doesn't fold up as do some other keyboards, namely the Targus Stowaway Keyboard, which has not yet released a Casio-compatible unit.

Keyboards are connected to their devices through the cradle connection port (Each Windows CE machine comes with a cradle, which is used for connecting the device to a PC, recharging, etc.). Since each Windows CE manufacturer uses different standards as to how their devices fit into its cradle, there is no uniformity in the Windows CE world of keyboards.

Click here for more information or to purchase the LandWare GoType Pro for Casio.


I have no recommendations for GPS systems for the Cassiopeia at this time. iPaq users with the PCMCIA Card expansion set should check out the Teletype Wireless PCMCIA GPS.



 Doom4CE by Jimmysoftware.com (Freeware)

This is the best!

Jimmysoftware.com is in the process of updating the various versions of the game, but the e100 version works like a charm on the e100. While the e115 version (just released) needs some work (e.g. there is no external "strafe" button), they are working on it and I am sure that it will be all fixed shortly. They are a great CE gaming company, and I would highly recommend checking out their website and their other games.

Click here to find out more and to download the game.


 Palm GameBoy by Revolutionary Software Front ($30)


Irith has Super Mario Brothers (left) and Tetris (right) installed on her e100. Since there isn't a Pocket PC version yet, I am often envious of Irith's e100.

This software turns a Windows CE device into a color gameboy!

Their webpage provides links to help you find gameboy rams to download and install, so that you have actual games to play and not just an emulator. Version 1010 for Palmsized PCs works beautifully on the e100 but, unfortunately, they have yet to released a full Pocket PC version.

Click here to find out more to or purchase the Palm GameBoy. ($30)


 JimmyARK2 by Jimmysoftware.com ($16)

This is a great, arkenoid-like game.

Jimmysoftware.com has done it again. This game has great stereo sound and plays extremely smoothly (this is their first game using "Double Buffered Direct Screen Access"). I highly recommend it.

Click here to find out more about the game or to purchase it. ($16)


 Pac-man and Hearts by Microsoft (included on promotional Microsoft Fun Packs)

Pac-man is a classic. I was so envious when I first saw people with color Palms who had Pac-man. Then this version came out for the pocketPC and it is much better than the Palm version. Hearts is also a fun, addictive game.

These came with the free Fun Pack when I bought my Cassiopeia e115 and I'm not sure that it is still available. Click here for more information.


 PalmChess by Synctel ($30)

When you are sick of playing Doom, Pac-man, and the other games, play a game that requires more logic and brainpower. I always used to complain that I never had time to play chess. Not true anymore. With this game on my e115, I can practice chess whenever and wherever I want.

Microsoft has a chess game, and there are probably others out there. This was one of the first chess games available for the Palmsized Windows CE devices, and I have been very happy with it. It has an extremely good computer engine that provides for very difficult games even at the "beginner" level. It has a nice graphical interface too, as you can see from the picture to the left. A nice feature that this game has, and probably other chess games have, is that you can back up moves and try again, so that you learn from your mistakes.

Click here for more information or to purchase. (cost $30)

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